Ah....summer in Maine.

At some point, thankfully, we finally transition out of second spring, and the actual hot weather finally gets here. And if you don't live near a lake or the ocean, you may not have any place to go swimming, other than a pool. But do yourself a favor... don't think too hard about what may, or may not be in the water.

Apparently, it's not the chlorine you smell, it's the urine interacting with the chlorine.

It's like thinking about the blankets and sheets on your bed. You're just about to close your eyes and drift off to sleep, and it occurs to you that tiny microscopic animals live all over them, and are likely crawling all over you. It's about that time, I find myself needing to get out of bed for the rest of the year, because I pretty much freak myself out.

Public swimming pools are kinda the same deal.

According to WGME, a doctor pointed out that most public pools, contain about 1-3 fluid ounces of urine per person. On a busy day at the pool, that could be pretty daunting. Now the good news is, chlorine kills most of those germs and bacteria in seconds.

But you know that smell when you walk up on a pool? Apparently, it's not the chlorine you smell, it's the urine interacting with the chlorine. And it's not just kids. Up to 40% of adults confess to going #1 in the pool when they're in there. Think about it.... possibly 4 out of every ten adults in the pool have that relieved look on their face for all the wrong reasons.

So if you've ever been told to take a shower after you get out of the pool, now you know the real reason. To get everyone else, literally off your back. Eew!


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