Maine-Based Aroma Joe’s

Maine may have more breweries per capita than any other state but another bevie our state boasts killer options for is coffee.

Whether you’re walking downtown or driving past our many shops and plazas, there are hundreds of options for a hot cup of joe in the morning. A fan favorite for years has been Aroma Joe’s, a miniature white-and-blue shack that offers quick service through a drive-thru window.

I personally thrive off of options like this because I’m a lazy gal who doesn’t want to get out of the car for her food and coffee and she doesn’t have to. Plus, having to turn your car on and off with these gas prices? In this economy? I want to idle my car and get my fast food thrown at me.

The tiny shop only offers drive-thru so you will find long lines regardless of the location and no matter the time of day. Whether you’re looking for an early morning wake-up or a late afternoon refresher, Mainers are flocking en masse for their usual Aroma order.

For this very reason, the Maine-based business has been roaring and soaring beyond what it could have ever anticipated. While other businesses were closing down and facing hardships during the pandemic, Aroma Joe’s continued to thrive.

Aroma Joe’s Expands to More Than 100 Locations

News Center Maine recently updated us all on their business growth and shared that the not-so-small coffee franchise will be adding more than 20 locations in the next six months. This will bring them to more than 100 locations in the country.

Aroma Joe's / Google Maps

It may be a Maine-based shop but the article shares that the company started back in 2000 with four Maine cousins in Rochester, New Hampshire. It has since spread across New England and can now even be found as far as southern Florida.

Fans of the coffee shack get addicted to their Rush energy drinks and espresso-based morning orders and they can now enjoy their favorite coffee across the East Coast. You can check out all their locations on their website here.

Are you an iced coffee drinker or do you have a favorite Rush energy drink?

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