It appears as though Armie Hammer has landed on hard times.

In July, alleged photos of the disgraced actor, who was all but shunned from Hollywood after being hit with a series of sexual abuse and cannibalism allegations, surfaced of him seemingly working at a hotel resort in the Cayman Islands.

The Call Me By Your Name actor was allegedly working as a hotel concierge, but the hotel denied he was on the payroll despite Hammer appearing to be dressed in uniform.

However, Variety now reports that Hammer is indeed working and selling timeshares at a hotel in the Caymans, and that all other reports suggesting otherwise are inaccurate.

"He is working at the resort and selling timeshares. He is working at a cubicle. The reality is he’s totally broke, and is trying to fill the days and earn money to support his family," a source told the publication.

Hammer is reportedly working in the Caymans so he can be near his two small children.

Previously, TV host and entrepreneur Elizabeth Chambers told the publication that Hammer had also spent time in recovery at a treatment facility after his career took a nosedive in the wake of scandal.

In 2021, Hammer was accused of sexual abuse and improper behavior by numerous women and was dropped by his agency as a result. He was also fired from several movie projects, including Jennifer Lopez's Shotgun Wedding.

In addition, alleged screenshots of messages from women began to make their way to social media and appeared to depict Hammer as having cannibalistic fetishes.

This led to a snowball of reports coming out about the actor, including including a rape accusation from a woman who came forward with her attorney Gloria Allred, which led to an LAPD investigation that has since concluded.

Hammer was noticeably married at the time and denied the alleged incidents occurred. Instead, he said that the interactions were consensual. In an effort to discredit the allegations, his legal team provided the media with alleged text messages between him and the woman who accused him of rape.

Hammer's last appearance on the big screen was in Death on the Nile earlier this year. The actor did not do any press for the film. He currently has no other film projects slated for release.

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