Arianators needn't wait much longer for their next taste of Sweetener.

On Wednesday (June 27), Ariana Grande revealed her next song release, "God Is a Woman," will arrive next month. The song's place on her fourth studio album was previously theorized in May but will officially release as a follow-up to "No Tears Left to Cry" on July 20.

The artist verified the music news herself via Twitter in response to one fan's theory suggesting "Raindrops" — a track the singer had previewed the day before — would be her next offering. However, the snippet surprise was simply a gift from Grande to her fans and was released in honor of her 25th birthday, which she celebrated Tuesday (June 26).

"no u already have raindrops now ! my bad. this was confusing," Grande replied to the fan theory, clarifying, "i decided to give u raindrops last minute for my bday. jul 20 you’ll be getting my official second single."

"WAIT SO IS THAT GOD IS A WOMAN?" another hopeful fan wrote, to which the pop star returned, "yes :)"

The planned delivery of the bop-to-be a nod to Grande's promise to unveil something "special" on the 20th of each month leading up to Sweetener's arrival (slated for August 17). Last week, the chanteuse dropped the music video for her Nicki Minaj-supported promotional track "The Light Is Coming" on June 20.

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