Be honest now.  Are you hoping for lots of debauchery in your New England state, or do you prefer living in a well-behaved state?  Are we home to the bad boys or teacher's pets of the country?

It comes as no surprise that we all have desires, and while some may just be about splurging on a pair of shoes or having an extra adult beverage out with the boys, others are darker, dirtier, and more sinister.

According to WalletHub, the research used to determine the states that give in most to those sinful longings are wide, ranging from minimal to dangerous, deadly immoral, or illicit behavior.

WalletHub says those range from violent crimes to excessive drinking, gambling disorders, drugs, illicit sexual desires, fast food consumption, beauty product purchases, teen pregnancy, and high school graduation rates.  Oh, and it's all based on population.

For example, when it comes to violent crimes per capital, New England can't get any safer.  According to WalletHub, Maine has the lowest in the country.  Connecticut, Vermont, and New Hampshire are at #47, #48, and #49.

When it comes to thefts per capital, Massachusetts has the lowest in the country, with Maine at #47 and New Hampshire at #49.

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WalletHub says it's basically broken down into anger and hatred, jealousy, excess and vices, greed, lust, vanity, and laziness.  For example, anger includes violent crimes and bullying, excess and vices can be anything from fast food consumption to drug addiction, greed goes hand-in-hand with gambling as well as how much charitable giving exists, lust needs no introduction, while vanity is really how often we partake in plastic surgery or go to the hair salon, as well as buy beauty products.

So, if you were hoping we were the bad boys of the country even a little bit, then I'm the bearer of bad news.

According to WalletHub, New Hampshire is the teacher's pet in New England at #48.  Vermont is #47, Connecticut is #45, Maine is #41, Massachusetts is # 38, and Rhode Island is the most sinful state in New England at #32.

We're still fun though, right?  Absolutely!  Click on the states below if you want to find out where everyone stands.

Source: WalletHub

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