Amy Schumer’s comedy has always been grounded in talking candidly about weight and self-image issues, which makes the plot of her newest movie, I Feel Pretty, come as absolutely no surprise. Schumer debuted the trailer during her appearance on Ellen, where she also talked about the different faces men and women make in the mirror.

Schumer's normal gal Renee is well aware that she’s not the next Victoria’s Secret angel, and rolls her eyes practically out of her head whenever hot people — like her friend, played by actual runway model Emily Ratajkowski — have body image issues. Have some perspective, people! But, one day, after a pretty bad fall from a SoulCycle bike, Renee wakes up and suddenly sees herself as Gisele Bundchen-gorgeous — even though she still looks exactly the same.

The trailer has some pretty funny moments, like when Renee walks up to her friends in a bar and introduces herself, saying they probably don’t recognize her, even though she looks no different to them. And it’s a fun play on body-swap comedies like Drop Dead Diva, except instead of waking up in a new body, it’s the same body with a new perspective.

I Feel Pretty hits theaters June 29. Here’s the movie’s very cute poster:

Mark Schäfer/STX

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