Someone should put out a survey showing what the most giving, selfless, charitable state in the country is, and then follow that up with why it's Maine/Northern New England. Because there are too many examples to show how we've not only looked out for each other during the pandemic, but also others.

And Kimberly Becker's example is no different.

Kimberly is an artist out of Bath who has been doing one of the most amazing things ever -- helping a bunch of strangers halfway across the world get an education via bathroom privacy. Asking yourself how exactly that happens?

According to Channel 8 WMTW, Kimberly started the organization "Sew Like a Girl," which aims at raising money toward school bathrooms in Uganda. More specifically, girls' bathrooms. Currently, the school bathrooms in Uganda are nothing but holes dug in the ground -- which male students obviously don't really blink an eye at, but it's an entirely different ballgame for the female students.

Kimberly told WMTW that these young teen women are dropping out of school and not finishing their education because of the lack of privacy when it comes to the bathroom situation. Think about that for a second -- something as simple and easily accessible to us like a bathroom, isn't for Ugandan schools, and it's causing these teens, who go through enough with changes in adolescents, to bail out of their education because they can't have something as simple as a stall to go to the bathroom in.

Kimberly's "dolls for change" are available for purchase on her Sew Like a Girl website. According to WMTW, Kimberly sells 120 dolls at a time, which raises the $11,000 needed for just one bathroom to be built. Incredible. The world could use more Kimberlys.

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