So many delicious choices! How does she narrow it down?

One of the amazing things about puttering around Bar Harbor during the summer season, is the huge number of places that are independently owned and operated. From gifts hops, to breweries, and restaurants, there are many options for all of us who visit.

Alea Joelle, is a 21 year old woman who recently moved to in Maine, and it turns out that she has a major obsession with drinking chai latte beverages.

On a recent day, Alea, recently took a walk around Bar Harbor, visiting various local businesses that serve up this tasty treat. The amazing part is that she bought 8 of them to sample. Can you imagine the sugar rush she got from that? Yikes! Hopefully she just took a sip or two from each of them. Based on her love of this beverage, that doesn't seem likely.

Her taste test includes a whopping eight drinks, that she judges based on taste, price, and walking distance from her home.

Mount Dessert Bakery, Pink Pastry, Café This Way, Coffee Hound at The Stadium, Choco Latte, The Independent, and A Slice of Eden, are all the spots she hit, and best of all, not one chain business in the bunch!

Alea isn't the only one who likes to sample of all the treats that Bar Harbor has to offer. Several people have shot video of their adventures in Bar Harbor, tasting delicacies like Maine lobster rolls, seafood, and other local favorites.

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