This guys trip didn't go exactly as he planned

A guy who goes by the name of Traveling Roberts has his own RV lifestyle channel that features his adventures all across the United States of America. He recently paid a visit to Maine where he hit all of the usual tourist attractions that make our state so great. Robert hit Bar Harbor, Portland, Searsport, and a bunch of other spots.

Things didn’t go the way he originally planned. First of all, he didn’t give himself enough to truly explore a state as big as Maine. Second, it was foggy when he went to see the first sunrise in the USA. Third, a campground screwed up his reservation, so he gave up and decided to head back to his home in New Jersey with a plan to visit another time. However he did enjoy his lobster breakfast in Bar Harbor.

People seem to be enjoying Traveling Robert’s video diary of his time here, because in just 24 hours it racked up over 11,000 views on his YouTube channel

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