There are literally hundreds of answers to this question, but it never gets old hearing everyone's opinion!

This is definitely a subjective thing, because everyone has their own personal preferences when it comes to the perfect pie.

With all due respect to all the businesses around here, for me, here in the Bangor area, Pat's, Jason's, and Angelo's top my list for go-to pizza. I am not ashamed to say, that I would try any place that serves it up, but those 3 just happen to all be very close to where I live.

However, Bangor is just one region of the state, so if you find yourself traveling to any of the areas mention in the responses, it may come in handy if you are hankering for a delicious, saucy, cheesy treat.

On Reddit, someone by the name of "Reddivivus" posed a simple question:

"Ok, what's the best pizza in Maine?"

Here are some of the interesting answers:


Two 4 hour old slices from a gas station after drinking on the ice all day.


Any general store. It won’t win any prizes, but it is always there and can count on it.


I'm biased as a local to it... but Fairgrounds in Cornish is pretty dope


I'm over in Steep Falls and I'm only hit up Tjs and SHOP, should I venture out west to greener pastures?


Mainely Pizza in Montville


Tinder Hearth hands down.


Late 90s Pizza Dome in Old Town.


Finelli’s in Ellsworth.


At 2am after over 9000 pbrs, Waterville House Of Pizza Is perfect.


T&S Market in Hodgdon Maine. Best mom and pop store pizza ever


Detroit style pizza at foundation brewery in Portland.


I am huge fan of Beacon Pizza in Raymond.


Sophia's in Cornish, I will die on this hill.


Belfast Variety


Just moved to Lewiston…only had Luiggi’s so far and it been pretty damn good.


Give pizza market a try in Auburn also court st pizza is pretty straight


Wiscasset House of Pizza is pretty good, I have no idea what the best in Maine would be though.


Cushnoc Brewing Co. Augusta


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