We've all made them and broken them, too; The dreaded New Year's Resolution!

A few years ago, frustrated with the typical "make and break cycle", I started to think about the "why" behind the idea of a resolution. From what I can tell, the point of a resolution is to identify a part of our lives we want to improve upon, and then attempt to do better with that in the New Year. That got me noodling on what I really wanted to improve about my life. There's always room to improve ourselves physically, sure. And I think it's great that a lot of people make a conscious effort to mark that as they're goal. But then, inevitably, when we fail somewhere in week number 2 or 3, it derails any real momentum we have to achieve what we set out to do, and so we're left with the rest of the year ahead of us, with no real goal and a feeling of defeat.

With that in mind, I formulated a plan that would give me that sense of improvement and success, without necessarily changing my physique. My New Year's resolution is one in which I can improve my life without ever setting foot inside a gym or limiting a calorie. I made a resolution to get my heart and my head in shape instead; I resolved to learn as many new skills as I could, from the friends that I had. It was a win-win-win situation; I got to exercise and expand my mind, while spending some quality time with friends, and helping them to feel good about themselves by gifting them my time, and allowing them to share their talent.

I put it out on Facebook, and almost immediately got people volunteering to teach me all sorts of cool things. Some offered to instruct me on knitting and cooking. Others on how to shoot a gun, or sail a boat! The offers were so numerous, I could have booked an entire year's worth of weekends, and spilled in to the next year!

I have made this same resolution each year since. And I'm telling you, its such a fun and fulfilling resolution to make.

So, as you contemplate what you want to improve upon in 2019, might I suggest you share in my resolution? And my best wishes to you and yours in the coming New Year!