You might have the best meal of your life, but get ready to open that wallet!

Erin French is the owner of The Lost Kitchen, located at 22 Mill Street, in Freedom, Maine. This place is a foodie's dream come true, so much so, that it has become something of a phenomenon.

Incredibly, the restaurant has a capacity of only 48 seats and is so inundated with requests for reservations, that you have to send a postcard to have a shot at getting a table. Since they are only open from May to October, this is not an easy task.

Diners are chosen through a random drawing. It is also popular, because of the beautiful location in Freedom, its unique cuisine, and farm-to-table dinners that have drawn raves from people all over the world.

Erin revealed that in 2023, The Lost Kitchen, recieved over 70,000 postcards, don't miss out, get to the Post Office ASAP!

It is important to keep in mind that the price of a dinner will set you back a whopping $265, but that does not include drinks.

Erin has made The Lost Kitchen so famous since its opening back in 2014, that is has its own TV show, which you can find on the Magnolia Network, which is now part of the Max streaming service.

In addition, she has also authored books, and been featured on the Drew Barrymore Show, The Today Show, and CBS Sunday Morning.

They also operate a farmers’ market during the summer season. You can join them at The Lost Kitchen, every Tuesday from 12-4 pm, to enjoy the outdoor market filled with the freshest Maine produce, straight from some of their favorite farmers and makers.

In addition to 20 vendors, the home shop will be open, in addition to the wine shop.

To find out more about The Lost Kitchen, check out their website.

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