I feel like I'm a broken record, but this is absolute one instance where I don't mind being one, and I feel like no one else does, too. NO ONE LOOKS OUT FOR THEIR OWN LIKE NEW ENGLANDERS. I don't care what anyone says.

You may remember the headline from a couple of weeks ago, where unfortunately four Maine fishermen were lost at sea for still unknown reasons while chartering their fishing vessel, the FV Emmy Rose, from Portland. For some reason at some point, their vessel ended up sinking just off of the coast of Cape Cod in the P-Town (Provincetown, Massachusetts) area.

According to Channel 8 WMTW, there is still no known cause or reason why the boat sank, and the investigation into what happened that day could reportedly possibly take months.

But that's not the point of this article. Don't get me wrong, I'm not taking trying to downplay the absolute tragedy that happened, because it is. But the purpose of this is to spotlight how AMAZING we all are to each other. New Englanders may have that stigma of being rough around the edges (ok, maybe we are) and the worst sports fans ever (we ABSOLUTELY are, but in a really fun way), but like I said -- NO ONE looks out for their own like us.

Four fishermen were lost that day, and almost immediately, a local business went into action to try and help the four families those fishermen unfortunately left behind.

According to Channel 8 WMTW, Rugged Seas, a local company that sells apparel and gear strictly geared toward fishermen (and fisherwomen), started a special run of long-sleeve shirts dedicated to the Emmy Rose. In fact, when you go to Rugged Seas' website, the first thing you see is a massive display with a link on how to support the families of the FV Emmy Rose.

Shirts are on sale ranging from $24-$26 (depending on size) and run from Youth Small all the way through 4XL. The best part? Not some, but ALL -- 100% of proceeds -- go to the families of the FV Emmy Rose. So far, according to WMTW, over 2,000 shirts have been sold and almost $30,000 has been raised. We're talking in a matter of TWO WEEKS.

Name another place that would happen? It's ok, I'll wait. Nothing but all of the thoughts, prayers, and positive vibes out to the families of the FV Emmy Rose. It's a tragedy what happened, but somehow, us New Englanders always manage to either find or create some sort of goodness (which sounds weird to say, but it's true) out of tragedy. And if you ask me, an entire community/region of the country essentially hugging four families in really the only way possible and supporting them -- relative strangers to most of us -- that's some kind of goodness.

Let's stick with that, ok?

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