Now that's one I don't recall seeing in Uncle Henry's!

I was laying in front of a fan cranked to high speed last night, as this unbearable stretch of heat and humidity continues, and I came across a Facebook post from a friend of mine who shared something I had never seen before, a guy from Clinton, who was looking to sell his...bees.

By Dave's count, he has 104,753, bees, 2,369 drones, three queens and the rest are hunters and gatherers. On doing a little research on this, I learned that there are 270 species of native bees in Maine. I thought that was remarkable, since I usually just run like hell when I see one, screaming like a little girl, and covering my face, and swatting imaginary bees that aren't really there. Now if I could wear one of those nifty beekeeper outfits, I would have a little bit more courage.

I also learned that anyone who keeps honey bees in Maine has to register their hives with the Department of Agriculture. The license is valid for a 12–month period, and it gives you an option to be listed as a swarm catcher, or beekeeper. And, there is a website that educates you on everything bee related, from A to Z, it's

So, if you want to buy Dave's bees, it's $300 per hive, which includes two deeps, 20 frames, top and bottom boards and thousands of bees per hive. The hives available. Give him a call before they buzz off (get it?) at 313-2809.

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