You'll admit you have a gold mine of a secret fishing spot, but you won't admit where it is!

Amanda McDonald

With some many tourists crawling all over the state us Mainers have to keep a few places just for our self. That's why we have secret places to go to get away from it all, and we don't want word getting out!

Here are some spots Mainers go but give you very few details about:

  • 1

    Secret Fishing Spot

    Every Mainer who fishes has at least one of these secrets spots in the state. You probably have to bushwhack to get there, maybe walk a few miles through the woods or a stream. But it's all worth it for the peace, privacy and hopefully lots of fish!

    Amanda McDonald
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    Secret Suppah Spot

    Of course this is a spot more than you know about, but it is still fairly private and secret. This place maybe has your favorite steak, seafood, or meatloaf but you don't recommend it because it's yours!

  • 3

    Secret Beach Spot

    We only get a few months out of the year to enjoy the beach and when we do the popular spots are crawling with tourists. That's why most Mainers have at least one beach area that few know about where they can get some sun and swim undisturbed.

    Amanda McDonald
  • 4

    Secret Hunting Spot

    This area is crawling with wildlife, perfect tree stand trees, and you tend to be successful hunting here. Why would you want anyone to know about it and risk them taking your prize.

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  • 5

    Secret Star Gazing Spot

    Maybe it's your backyard, or the middle of the lake when you are up to camp. Wherever it may be, this spot is yours to go to when you feel like doing some deep thinking, watching a meteor shower, or searching for UFO's

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    Secret Sunset Spot

    This may be the same spot as the spot below. This is a spot that may take some hiking to get to but it's always worth it. These spots usually also make good sunrise watching spots, but who gets up that early...

  • 7

    Secret Romantic Spot

    This could be a place in the park to picnic, an underrated restaurant, an ocean side beach or as mentioned above, a private spot to watch the sunset. Admit it, you know of at least one place you don't tell people about, where it is perfect to go 'parking'.

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    Secret Camp

    Tell your boss you need time off because you are going upta camp! That's all they need to know! Mainer's camps are our sanctuaries. Many have no phone, barely a road, and sometimes isn't even on a map. Because it's a secret!

    Amanda McDonald