The National Park Service is once again offering up the annual Acadia National Park Pass at almost half-price during the month of December.

Yup. Once again you can pick up the annual Park Pass ON SALE at the following locations for most of the month of December:

Bar Harbor Chamber of Commerce Visitor Center, Ellsworth Area Chamber of Commerce, Southwest Harbor/ Tremont Chamber of Commerce (sold at Harbor House, Southwest Harbor), Gouldsboro Town Office, Mount Desert Town Office, Tremont Town Office and the Winter Harbor Town Office.

The annual Acadia National Park Pass is not for sale anywhere within the Park itself, and you must purchase the discounted Park Pass in person at one of the locations listed above.

“Buying an Acadia Annual Pass during this special sale will allow people to experience and enjoy the park throughout the entire year,” said Superintendent Kevin Schneider.

Other than what Ken said, here are a few more reasons to buy the Annual Park Pass during the month of December.

5 Reasons To But An Almost Half-Price Acadia National Park Pass

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