Here are some metaphysical events going on right in town this weekend to energize the spirit. Whether you want to start exploring your intuition or want to enhance the connection you already have, here are 5 things to check out this weekend to get centered and in touch with your spiritual self.

16th Annual Rock and Gem Show at Brewer Auditorium

Stock up on your rose quartz and obsidian! $3 will get you into this year's Rock and Gem show where you can check 70 tables of vendors selling rocks, fossils, gems, jewelry and gifts. This event is going on Saturday and Sunday with a $3 admission fee the first day and $2 fee the second day. Kids 12 and under get in free and check out the silent auction. Bonus: door prizes every hour on Saturday and every 1/2 hour on Sunday.

Discovering Your Intuitive Self

At Bangor's newest metaphysical store, Angel Connection, you can find your higher self with various classes, including this four-hour class being offered on Sunday, The store is located on the second floor of the Union Place building and the class is being taught by Medium Dawn. It is a deep-dive class of understanding your intuitive self. It is $100 per person and is ideal for those just starting to explore their spiritual selves.

Mediums' Day

Take a tour of the spiritual world in one location with another offering from Angel Connection on the second floor of Union Place in Downtown Bangor. It's a four-hour exploration of psychic/medium readings, reiki. They are taking appointments but walk-ins are welcomed. Stop by and get in the drawing for a free service offered by the business that includes a 30-minute reading, a life or health coaching session, a 30-minute healing session, or a massage therapy session.


Reiki I Certification

Learn to reduce stress and promote healing by learning to do reiki. The Blue Heron Wellness Center at 81 Main Street in Downtown Bangor is offering this 7-hour class, starting at 8 AM on Sunday. The class is $225 per person and you will need to reserve your spot.

The Power of Nature

For those who love forest bathing, here is your chance to learn to communicate with the consciousness of nature. Leap of Faith Soul Space in Brewer is hosting this workshop to tap into the power of nature in this 2-hour class happening this Saturday from 9 AM - 11 PM.

Recharge and take charge with these spiritual and energizing offerings right in the Bangor area.

Take In the Zen of Brewer's Children's Garden

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