Money's tight this year, but really it's not unlike the tight purse strings of any other year, frankly.  This is why we love the local dollar store.  It's full of cheap items that, in most cases, don't need to be expensive to use and keep or use then dispose of.

Reader's Digest has a great list of dollar store items that are great for general needs things.  Things that they listed on their list of general items included:

  • Party supplies
  • Cleaning supplies
  • Paper products
  • Bread
  • Reading glasses

A few extra items on their list were perfect for the holidays.  What's great about the dollar store is that some of these items aren't too different from their 'label brand' competitors and you get to take advantage of that by keeping a few extra dollars in your pocket to spend on holiday gifts.  Also, a dollar store isn't too far from you or is very likely on a regular route you run living here in Maine.

There are plenty of items at the dollar store that are perfect for the holidays- things for the cooking and baking, things to decorate the home and things to send cheer.

Let's take a look at what's perfect from the dollar store for the holiday season.

5 Holiday Things Mainer's Should Buy At The Local Dollar Store

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