While many people from other parts of the United States may feel that Maine is a mostly-rural state where nothing really happens, nothing could be further from the truth.

In addition to being a go-to tourist attraction for millions of people, the state has also been the birthplace of inventions (and their inventions), home to celebrities, and the place many innovators call home.

Apparently, we're also the home to many world records, too.

According to Only In Your State:

1 - Tallest Snowman - Made in 1999, it measured just over 122-feet, and was named “Olympia Snowe” after Maine's senior senator at the time.  In addition to A LOT of snow, they used wreaths for eyes, skis for eyelashes, and trees for arms.

2 - Most Pine Boards Broken By A Female Using One Hand In One Minute - The record was set in 2015 by a woman in Lewiston named Donna Harris.  She broke 156 boards and raised money for Pink Project for Breast Cancer.

3 - The Longest Canoe - Set by Nokomis Regional High School Students (Newport) in 2006.  The high schoolers built a canoe that measured 149' 1".

4 - Longest Snowmobile Trip - While many Mainers have been on a snowmobile at least a few times in their lives, usually the unique form of transportation is not used for traveling long distances.  Well, that's exactly what Robert Davis did!  His trip, which started in Maine and ended in Canada, too 60 days and covered 12,163 miles.

5 - The Largest Revolving Globe - Housed at the Delorme headquarters in Yarmouth, Eartha (yes, it has a name) measures 41 feet in diameter.  She globe was made 1:1,000,000 scale, where one inch represents 16 miles. Even cooler, it rotates all the time where it simulates a full day every eighteen minutes.

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