In 2020 because of coronavirus, everyone knows that pretty much everything's been canceled. But, I think for fear of just ripping the band-aid off with some of these events, some events are postponed with a far off date, instead of just canceling. And now, here we are facing the results of that.

Originally, the area's 4th of July put on by the Greater Bangor 4th of July Corporation were postponed until Labor Day Weekend. The hope back in May, was that by then the virus would be under control enough that plans could be carried out at that time. But according to WABI - TV5, that too has now been called off until 2021.

Obviously it's the right things to do. If you hold up against the recent outbreak at the wedding in Millinocket, it seems pretty obvious that we don't have the virus under control in Maine quite yet, despite being light years ahead of some states. Almost 90 cases have been linked to the Millinocket wedding reception so far.

We saw the same thing happen with Waterfront Concerts this year. A lot of the late season shows were slow to cancel, hoping there might be a breakthrough with the virus. Kiss was the last one to go, just a few weeks ago. And many other events around the state tried as well, but now are done til 2021.

That will now be the case with the 4th. All the eggs of that basket are now being rolled over to 2021. The good news could end up being that with last year's money, plus whatever they raise for next year, we could be in for one whiz-bang of a 4th with all that sweet money. But that's just a guess on my part....

At any rate, it just seems like another stark reminder that all this isn't over yet. But Mainers are tenacious people. We will eventually overcome this virus and get back to normal. Sure, it's going to take way longer than we thought, but what are you gonna do? I'm just gonna kick back, relax, wash my hands, wear a mask, and wait til next year.

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