The Fall Season

Fall is the best season. There's no reason to bury the lede. It's a season that's so far ahead of the other three that it's practically on a different planet. And in Maine, it's in another solar system.

Being away for college actually made me appreciate the season even more. Having gone to school south of the Mason-Dixon line, I can't say I experienced much of fall. It was five years of 70-80 degree weather until November. It just didn't even feel like a different season than summer.

Fall in Maine

I have been incredibly lucky to have lived and worked in Maine ever since. Fall in Maine is like nowhere else (especially West Virginia). Crisp mornings, mild days, and cool nights make for the absolute perfect level of comfort. Not to mention that it's sweatshirt weather, which is a true Mainer's uniform.

The foliage is special, the harvest strong, and the baking exquisite. There's really nothing negative to say about fall in Maine.

I was interested to see if this was a common belief, which I assumed it was. But as they say, never assume anything.

The Best Things About Maine in the Fall

So, we put out the call for the best things about Maine in the fall, and the festivals, fairs, food, and phenomena that help create a simply unique atmosphere for the season.

Now, thanks to our stations' social media, we can put together a list of what makes fall so special.

Below is a list of what was suggested to us. How many of these do you love? Or are you just waiting for winter? Or perhaps next summer?

Here are 25 of the Best Things About Maine in the Fall

Thanks to our great listeners we were able to compile a list of many of Maine's best qualities when it comes to the fall.

These great activities, foods, and phenomena can be found all across this great state

How many have of these do you love?

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