Well, we've had a pretty warm summer and it might be hard to imagine that snow is coming soon but it will be... and probably a lot of it... with lot's of cold... for several months.

It's easy to say it has to be done but you probably should drag yourself into chore mode to get your property and home ready for next year with this chore list.  If you don't do it now, you will regret it later.

1.  Take care of those leaves

We haven't seen the leaves drop quite yet but they will soon.  Get that mower ready for mulch mode so that you don't get missing patches of grass next year.  Also, mice really like leaf pile... which also means ticks do, too.

2. Fix the roof

If there's a problem now, it's only going to get worse once ice gets under those exposed areas and expands the damage already there.  Get the leaves out of the crooks and repair those trouble spots.  Patching up those trouble spots is better than paying for a new roof next spring.  BEEN THERE!

3.  Put away the hose

Disconnect it, drain it, wrap her up neatly and store.  Don't regret a broke hose next year when it would have taken 5 minutes to do this quick chore.  Also, this could avoid internal pipes from freezing.  Think of that disaster!  Just avoid it.

For more chores to add to your list, check out Consumer Reports' recommendations.  Have fun with your crappy fall chores :)

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