There are many avenues after graduating high school that people can go down when it comes to becoming part of the workforce: start working right away, attending a trade school, or going right into a four-year college.

In recent years it has become more apparent that while a college education is expected of those graduating high school, it may not be a financially sound solution to building a life for everybody. So, with that, let's take a look at jobs in Maine that do not require a college education, taking a less 'traditional' path by utilizing a high school diploma or acquiring some post-secondary non-degree education.

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Projected High-demand, High Wage Jobs In Maine

Taking a look at the Center for Workforce Research and Information on the website, you can take a look at occupations here in the State of Maine that are projected to be 'high-wage and high demand' through 2028.

The top 20 jobs listed in this data are dominated by those not needing degrees. In fact, only seven jobs require a bachelor's degree. The other 13 in the top 20 only typically require a high school degree or postsecondary non-degree education.

25 High-Demand, High Wage Maine Jobs You Don't Need To Go To College For

These jobs prove that there are plenty of jobs you can acquire that don't require the time and money to attend college and still make a decent living. A lot of the jobs on this list are supervisor positions, in the sales force or labor industry. Few of the jobs are projected to see growth in demand here in the State of Maine but some will see an increase in need.

Check out the list and see what occupations are projected to be good-paying jobs that don't need a degree here in the State of Maine.

25 High-Demand, High Wage Maine Jobs You Don't Need To Go To College For

Check out these jobs that don't need an Associates's or Bachelors's Degree, that are in demand here in the State of Maine and are projected to give you a comfortable living. Most of these jobs require a high school diploma or equivalent and just a few require some sort of postsecondary education that is not a degree. Check out the list and see what jobs are projected to be high-demand and provide high wages in the State of Maine through 2028 that do not need a degree.

25 of Maine's Highest Paying Jobs

Here is a list of the highest paying jobs in the State of Maine, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics from information released May 2020. Many of the professions on the list include medical professions, financial professions and technology professions.

25 Maine Businesses With the Most Employees

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