Downtown Bangor's sidewalks will be filling up as the weather gets nicer and with that new artwork will be needed for Downtown's annual wheat paste murals to cover Downtown buildings.

The call is out for local artists to bring their brilliant ideas and imagery to cover the sides of buildings in downtown Bangor. This annual event is presented by Launchpad who put the call out annually to take part in the warmer season's 'Wheatpaste Mural Project'.

2022 theme

Every year a new theme is selected to give artists a 'launching' off point to generate inspiration. While a theme is given, it doesn't necessarily need to be adhered to. Nonetheless, this year's theme is 'Life, the Universe + Everything". Here's a little additional information from the google form to elaborate on this concept:  "... artists (are) challenged to create pieces that speak to the way they view the world, maybe even the universe, and how this inspires what they create."

2021 wheatpaste installations

Last year, we saw eleven murals installed throughout downtown Bangor. The theme was 'unity', inspiring conversation and creating connections, a much-needed topic in recent years. Scroll down to the end of the article to see our gallery of the murals put up for last year's wheatpaste submissions.

How to participate

Submissions are being taken now until the deadline on Friday, May 27th at midnight. Final selections will be chosen on May 30th. The murals will be installed in Downtown Bangor on Saturday, June 11th, and left up throughout the spring and summer. Artists who get selected will also receive a small stipend and any supplies needed the day of will be covered by Launchpad.

Fill out this google form if you want to take part in this fun art project in Downtown Bangor.

More details about the project and submitting your work can be found on Launchpad's website.

Check out a story from NEWSCENTER Maine about the Wheatpaste murals from 2019 that were put up in Downtown Bangor.

Check out this gallery of last year's murals placed in Downtown.

2021 Downtown Bangor Wheat Paste Murals

Here they are

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