Etsy is an online retailer that brings the craft fair to the world.  And, let's face it, Mainer's love their craft fairs, amiright?

Not only do Mainer's love the craft fair thing but they own the 'incredibly unique' products that people may not know they need, or know that you could buy or even know that exists.

We found 11 Maine items for sale on the online marketplace and found a great variety of unusual items sold as a 'Maine product', many from Maine sellers.  You would never think that someone is going out and collecting hundreds of pine cones, periwinkle shells, river rocks or different beach sands in the back yards of their Maine home, but- that seems to be the case.

Also included on the list are some unusual products that are pretty natural, meaning not a lot of processing needed to create the product or just straight up kinda weird.

Ever heard of Pine syrup?  We've heard of Maple syrup, but here's a twist on a classic- pine syrup.  It's made with cane sugar, pine needles and water.  It's suggested you can used it for cocktails and as a little splash to add complexity to the taste palette for a dish that may need a little extra something.

Check out 11 unusual items, be they natural items you could find in the Maine woods or products with some sort of Maine connection, that you can find on Etsy.


11 Weird Mainer Things Sold On Etsy

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