There is nothing more embarrassing than showing up to a Halloween party dressed the same as someone else. So we have decided to help you out by giving you some creative costume ideas that anyone can pull off.

The best part is they all have a Bangor twist! Some costume inspirations are well known worldwide. But costumes like No. 6 and No. 9 are inside jokes for Bangorians only!

If you have any others, add them in the comments, and we might add them to our official list.

  • 1

    Stephen King

    There are a few ways you can go with this. You could dress as King playing a role in one of the many movies made from his novels such as the Minister in "Pet Sematary" or Dr. Bangor from "Thinner". Another option would be to dress business casual with glasses and carry a notebook and pen to portray yourself as Stephen King the author. Or maybe you could sport the long hair, black beard and thick glasses from his younger days as a teacher at Hampden Academy (left.) Throw on a sport coat for effect. Bonus: Add to this look with a corgi dog and a mysterious and spooky attitude.

    Hampden Academy Yearbook
  • 2

    Paul Bunyan

    This look is pretty simple and can usually be accomplished using items already in a Mainer's wardrobe. All you need are green or tan cargo or work pants, work boots, a buffalo plaid shirt, suspenders and a winter hat. Top this costume off with an ax or even a can't hook like Bangor's Bunyan has. Bonus: This could also be made into a couple's costume with someone going as Paul and the other going as Babe his blue ox!

    Townsquare Media Bangor
  • 3

    Public Enemy No. 1 Al Brady

    Shot dead in the streets of Bangor's downtown in 1937 this gangster could walk the streets of Bangor once again with a simple gangster costume. A nice suit and shiny shoes, all black from head to toe, that's really all you need. Don't forget a fedora to complete the look. Bonus: If you are looking for something a little more scary, try adding some bullet wounds and some white powder to be the ghost of Al Brady.

  • 4

    Pennywise the Clown

    With the release of the new 'IT' this costume will be a popular one across the country. But what better place to be the evil clown lurking in Derry's sewers than Bangor! You can be dress as the new version of Penny or the Tim Curry version, they both work great here! You could also just wear a yellow rain coat, carry a red balloon and go as Georgie!

    Warner Bros. Television
  • 5

    Joshua Chamberlain

    Even though Chamberlain was born in neighboring Brewer, he is a well known figure in Bangor as well. This costume is as simple as dressing up in a Civil War Union soldier uniform. To become Joshua Chamberlain all it takes is an over-sized mustache and multiple medals of achievement. Or, you can paint yourself all gray, stand really still and go as the Joshua Chamberlain statue (left.) Bonus: Carry a rifle or musket and a sophisticated war hero attitude.

  • 6

    Photographer Jeff Kirlin

    No Bangor event is complete without being blinded at one point or another by this paparazzo. Recreating this look can be done with a few simple outfit staples: black-rimmed glasses, blue blazer, khakis, a bow tie (the more colorful the better), multiple cameras around your neck and of course a smile. Bonus: Make sure to take plenty of silly selfies with the local who's who.

    Jeff Kirlin
  • 7

    Troop Greeter

    This group is famous at Bangor International Airport. This Halloween you can represent our troop greeters by dressing like them. Anything patriotic will work, carry an american flag, and top the look off with a veteran's hat. Don't forget warm smiles and hugs all around! Bonus: Get someone dressed as a soldier (or an actual soldier) to walk around with you.

  • 8

    The Thomas Hill Standpipe

    Why not be one of Bangor's most recognizable structures? This one might require some arts and crafts time but will be worth it. All you need is a white shirt or sheet to cover your body. Draw on the ascending windows with black marker and the balcony of the standpipe where your chest will be. Top off the costume with a gold crown or even better a crown with lights. Bonus: Stick an american flag on the very top of your head to really commit to the costume.

    Thomas Hill Standpipe, Bangor (TSM Bangor)
  • 9

    Man with 3 Dogs on a Bike

    You've probably seen this interesting spectacle around busy Bangor events like parades and waterfront festivals. Sometimes you see them just riding down the street. But whatever the occasion, it is always a delight to see the man with his three small dogs (who are often wearing sunglasses) riding on a bicycle! Just get some cool shades a bike and a backpack, add stuffed animal Chihuahuas to your handlebars, backpack and have one on a leash and you are almost as cool as the actual guy with the dogs on a bike.

    Kkferrara via Instagram
  • 10

    The Duck of Justice

    Followers of the Bangor Police Department on Facebook are very familiar with this decoy who has become somewhat of a mascot to Bangor's men in blue. This might be the most elaborate outfit of them all but it will be worth it. Start by painting your face dark green from the nose up and then white from there down your throat. You will need a duck bill of some sort (like sticking 2 Pringles together opposite ways in your mouth? Creativity needed.) You will need green feathers for your head and brown feathers for your body. We suggest using something like a boa or making feathers from colored paper. Top it off with a police hat or badge to set yourself apart from all the regular ducks. Bonus: Have a block of wood to stand on with your duck feet.

    Bangor Maine Police Department via Facebook