The New England Patriots didn't make the cut, but there is still plenty of action, starting this weekend!

The middle of January means one thing, exciting sports action. There are lots of big matchups coming to a TV screen near you, or at your favorite watering hole.

NFL Wild Card Weekend
Saturday, January 14th:

Seahawks at 49ers, 4:30 pm-Fox
Chargers at Jaguars, 8:15 pm-NBC

Sunday, January 15th:

Dolphins at Bills, 1 pm-CBS
Giants at Vikings, 4:30 pm-Fox
Ravens at Bengals, 8:15pm-NBC)

Monday, January 16th:

Cowboys at Buccaneers, 8:15 pm ESPN/ABC

Enjoy the games, drink responsibly, and have a blast at any of these fine local establishments!

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