Don't you just love that moment when you get pulled over by a police officer? asked five hundred drivers about the excuses they use to get out of a ticket. Here are the Top 10.

#1 " I couldn't see the sing telling me not to do it" 20.5%
#2 "I'm lost and unfamiliar with the roads" 15.6%
#3 "I didn't know it was broken" 12.4%
#4 "Everyone else was doing it" 6.4%
#5 "I'm having an emergency situation in my car" 5.4%
#6 "I missed my turn/exit" 4.8%
#7 "I had to go to the bathroom" 4.6%
#8 "I didn't do anything dangerous" 4.2%
#9 "I was on my way to an emergency" 4%
#10 " My GPS said it was the right thing to do" 2.2%