Spizzy Spose has got a new video for you!

Maine's main MC, Spose, traveled all over the state to film this AWESOME video for his tune 'The King of Maine.' Spizzy took to Twitter yesterday to release the highly anticipated video.

As you see in the video, Spose and his crew filmed a shot in all of Maine's 16 counties. The trek took five days and over 1700 miles behind the wheel. The video was directed Jason Bosch of Red Stallion Media.

The Paul Bunyan statue repp'ed Penobscot county. Also making a special appearance in the shot, was Bangor MC Brandon Ross. He was rocking out, like a Bross! Had to say it...Ok, onward!

You'll find 'The King of Maine' on Spose' 'The Peter Sparker Mixtape.' You can download the mixtape fo-free, along with his latest album 'Dankonia.'