Waterfront shows last year brought serious cash to Bangor last season!

UMaine economist Todd Gabe released a study last year showing $30 million being pumped into Bangor's local economy. That was the stats for first two seasons of shows on the Waterfront from 2010 to 2012. Not to shabby, right? Well sit down for this.

The 2013 concert series had massive shows lined up, 19 in total. The big ones being Phish, Luke Bryan and Kenny Chesney. Gabe's new study shows in 2013, $17.5 million pumped through Bangor! That's more than half of what two years of shows brought in!

Although the action was on the Waterfront, many area businesses benefited from the surge of music fans. Roughly 300,000 people visited Bangor for shows from 2010 to 2013. Restaurants, bars, camp sites and hotels all saw customers from concerts.

Since 2006, five hotels have been (or are being built) to support the need for lodging from Bangor's booming entertainment scene.