A little rain, and a whole lot of Wayne!

On the heels of a public debate over the noise from waterfront shows, The America's Most Wanted Tour took over the Waterfront stage with blistering bass. As a DJ I'm (too) used to loud tuneage but WOW was it loud in section one last night! I LOVED IT!

T.I. and his band were a blast to watch. I love it when hip-hop artists mix their tunes with a live band and a DJ. It's a different way to hear your favorite song. His well mixed set featured his verse in the #1 hit with Robin Thicke, 'Blurred Lines.' Adding in older hits like 'Whatever You Like,' 'Bring Em' Out' and 'What You Know,' with new singles like 'Ball.'

Then came Weezy. His set featured incredible pyrotechnics, skateboarders and a surprise performance from Birdman. Lil Wayne too had a great set featuring newer tunes like 'Love Me' and 'Rich as F**k.' As well as a rapid fire trio of songs from album 'The Cater III' including, 'A Milli,' Lollipop' and 'Got Money.' It was great to see such a big name artist in Bangor and having a fun time! After the show Lil Tune Chi took to his Twitter to thank the 207.

DJ 4our 5's time to shine. Showing off his awesome scratching and turntablism skills while dropping hit after hit. He even shouted out Tantrum Nightclub where he brought the party after the show. Unfortunately I had to drop off the line up of opening DJ's but we still had a blast!

The headache today and lack of sleep, were SO worth it!