This is the town where the Devil's snowshoes have left large imprints in rocks. You may have seen the Devil's footprints in Manchester, Maine. But have you seen his snowshoe tracks?

Amanda McDonald

After some roadwork reveled 6 distinct imprints of snowshoes in solid rock, the town of Milo was quick to try to explain where or who they came from. The prints are still barely visible less than 2 miles from the Milo town line when driving towards Sebec on Rt 16.

The large footprints were similar but larger than the infamous Devil's Footprints found in Manchester, Maine leading to the explanation that the devil must have created these prints as well. For who else could stomp so hard it indents rock!

Devils Footprint, Manchester Maine via Amanda McDonald

The prints also seem to lead to a cave located not to far from the roadway. Cautionary tales have been told for years about this cave with all ending the same way. No matter who goes in, they always come back out very quickly and never return.

Here is the story found on the Milo Historical Society website:

Perhaps the story-tellers are right when they speak of Satan and his dog fleeing Milo on a cold winter’s night, trekking over the hillside ledge and leaving their mark in time.

The Devil also supposedly blasted a cave deep in the rock with one fiery breath, as protection from the plummeting Maine temperatures.

The amusing legend is given further substance when one realizes that around 1906, when a dam was being constructed on the nearby Sebec River, a series of nearly identical snowshoe tracks were uncovered before the bulging eyes of the workmen! And the prints were headed straight for Satan’s cave!

According to recent articles and first hand accounts the cave and snowshoe tracks remain but are barely visible. The prints did have a marker at one time but was soon vandalized along with the tracks in the rocks.

Have you seen them? Share your photos of the tracks or cave in the comments.