If you listen to the Z Morning Show you hear us mention that it's National Something or Other Day. I've decided to take it upon myself to make up a day!

Ladies and gentlemen please give a warm Z welcome to:


There is nothing I love more this time of year than rockin' some fun tights when I come to the office! Having tights in fun patterns and/or colors is important because it means you can buy basic tops and bottoms and change it up with your tights. I think tights are just as important to your outfit as your shoes! Since having ankle surgery in May I've had to ditch my 5" Platform Pumps, so I'm rockin' the fun tights for now!

Photo By: Sabrina Colson

I've decided that I'll post a photo of my fun tights every Tuesday for the Fall/Winter season. I'd love to see what fun tights you're wearing too! Feel free to take pics of YOUR fun tights and drop them on our facebook page!