You can't hide from winter all season, mine as well enjoy drinking! Rockland and Portland will be saying 'cheers' to winter with ice bars.

Rockland's Samoset Resort and the Portland Harbor Hotel will both be constructing these works of chilly architecture. Everything will be made of ice.

The Samoset Resort's 'Frost Bar' will have a 15 foot ice bar, an ice luge, ice seats, ice couches, ice stools, ice tables, ice sculptures and even glasses made of ice! 300 pound blocks of ice will be utilized to create the bar. That's a tad heavy! The sculptors get to play with chisels and chainsaws to carve out the creations. FUN!

The Samoset Resort's 'Frost Bar' is set to be open January 18-27. The Portland Harbor Hotel's ice bar will be open January 24-26.