You'll be seeing a lot of familiar places when this movie debuts.

Bath's Morse High School was full of witchcraft and cameras over the weekend. The production crew for 'The Witch Files' set up shop to shoot a few scenes at the school. The 112 year-old school certainly has a Hogwarts vibe!

'The Witch Files' is a horror comedy starring Holly Taylor (The Americans) and Paget Brewster (Criminal Minds). It's about five high school girls who discover they have magical powers and must harness their gift to take on a much older evil witch. That character by the way is based on a real witch that lived in Maine before the Salem Witch Trials. The flick is directed by York native and director of Night of the Living Deb (also filmed in Maine), Kyle Rankin.

The cast and crew will be filming in other locations around the state including Maine Street in Brunswick, Portland and around Bath.

The film will be ready for the film festival circuit a year from now. It may get a special screening in Maine in late 2016.