A computer virus is all over Facebook and could drain your bank account! Here's how to keep your cash safe.

The virus is called Zeus. Zeus will infect a computer and lay unnoticed until someone logs into a bank account. The virus then will grab up all your passwords and log-in information. Zeus has been found in links and was discovered on a football fan page.

However, there are a few ways of keeping your funds safe and sound.

  • Avoid Windows computers. The virus targets Windows operating systems but cannot infect Macs. Zeus can also infect your Android or Blackberry smartphone. Again, it cannot infect Mac operating systems so your iPhone is safe.
  • Don't click on unknown links. All it takes is one click on a bad link to infect your computer with malware. If you don't know the sender of the link or it looks suspicious, don't click on it! This is avoiding virus' 101.
  • Have a two-step bank verification. The stronger online security your bank has the safer your cash is. Some banks send you an email with a one-time log in password in addition to your username and password combo.