The social media platform is doing lots of good in Oklahoma.

Leslie Hagelberg lives 90 miles away from where the massive EF4 tornado touched down, leaving devastation in its wake. She noticed insulation and paper falling from the sky. At first she didn't know what to think about the bizarre precipitation. It wasn't until she saw a picture that had fallen into her yard that she figured out what was happening. Debris from the tornado was raining from nearly 100 miles away.

Leslie took to Facebook noticing that her neighbors were experiencing the same phenomenon. She wanted to do something about it, saying that she couldn't imagine loosing family pictures. She created a Facebook group to help reunite people with their blown away belongings.

The group has expanded to 11,000+ members as of this morning. The group allows members to post photos of belongings that others have found. Leslie estimates that 60 items have been claimed by their owners. The items are mostly photos, artwork and personal documents.

Even an urn was found and claimed! Kinda creepy...