Whether you're visiting the area from away, or looking for a weekend adventure, the Bangor area has a few places you can spend the night...but won't get much sleep.

Rent and room, and spend a spooky night in these area hotels. Whether you're looking for a location in the country, near the water, or right in the heart of Downtown, there's an eerie inn for you.

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    The Charles Inn

    The Charles Inn is located in Downtown Bangor's West Market Square. The hotel features Bangor themed rooms, from the Stephen King suite, to the Brady Gang, Great Bangor Fire suites, and more.

    While on a paranormal investigation, using a tool called a Spirit Box, we believe we came into contact with the spirit of notorious gangster Al Brady. Brady was shot and killed in Bangor by federal agents on October 12, 1937. Through the white noise created by the Spirit Box we heard him speak references to his gang and his burial location in Mount Hope Cemetery.

    It is not known if Brady stayed at the inn while he was alive. However, the inn is located near where he was killed.

    That night, in the room I stayed in, The Great Bangor Fire suite, a dark shadow darted around the room from time to time. A towel that was hung on a rack in the bathroom was found on the floor. Could it have simply slipped from the rung? Yes. However after trying to debunk the strange occurrence, we were unable to make the towel land the same distance from the rung without using quite a bit of force.

    In 2015 the inn was featured in an episode of Hotel Impossible. Did the renovations disturb the spirits that reside there?

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    The Lucerne Inn

    The Lucerne Inn in Dedham has long been rumored to be haunted. Guests and employees have reported many strange occurrences over the years. From doors opening on their own, TVs mysteriously turning on and off, to pianos playing while no one is around.

    One of my family members stayed in the reportedly most haunted room, room 8, and slept soundly. Maybe the spirits took the night off.

    There's certainly history within those walls. The 200 year-old inn was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1982.

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    The Carriage House Inn

    The Carriage House Inn is located off Route 1 in Searsport. The 1874 Victorian sea captain’s mansion was once owned by the famous painter Waldo Peirce. His studio, and art are still within the inn.

    The Carriage House Inn was listed on the National Haunted Bed and Breakfast registry. It was visited by local paranormal investigators many times over the years it was open as an inn.

    Nowadays you can rent this mansion on Airbnb. Note, there is a 3-night stay minimum.

    Airbnb/ Gillian
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    [BONUS] The Vacationland Inn

    While we can't say for certain the Vacationland Inn is haunted, it has an eerie history. Maine serial killer James Hicks worked as a maintenance worker at the inn in the '90s, when it was named the Twin City Motel. What would be Hicks' last victim, Lynn Willette, also worked at the motel.

    In the book Tragedy in the North Woods: The Murders of James Hicks by Trudy Irene Scee, some believe that Willette was murdered by Hicks at the location in May of 1994. Hicks confessed he dismembered her body in the maintenance shop in the motel basement.