May is national barbecue month. Seems like just about everyone loves good barbecue.  Now of course in Bangor we are lucky enough to have Moe's BBQ over on Broadway but what is we're up for something new to celebrate?

Lucky for us the site Eater Maine has a few ideas that are still pretty close by.

Of course first on their list and ours as close by and ribalicious is Moe's BBQ on Broadway in Bangor.

In a direction you are likely to travel anyway is Mainely Meats on Main Street in Ellsworth and with locations in Bar Harbor. They boast house made sauces and meat that falls off the bone.  I've been to Mainely Meats and I must agree these folks have a way with BBQ.

Another on my you might be going through there anyway list is Water Street in Augusta and a little place called Riverfront Barbecue & Grille.  Hey there's nothing like ribs with a view.

So those are the places I might try. Click here to see all they say Maine has to offer and happy eating. Just make a note that the restaurants in Winterport and Castine on their list are closed. So if you see one you like check first.

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