Hello again ladies and gentlemen....

It is time again for this week's installment of WHAZ NEWZ!!!!!!!!!

First off...we get things moving with one of Sarah's favorite subjects, Vikings! I questioned her passion on the subject of vikings, and I realized quickly that I would not be in a position to have anything negative to say about vikings. Except that she may be running the concept of vikings through the Chris Hemsworth filter, thereby skewing her actual feelings about the pillage-y madness of these Nordic warriors.

The world's largest Viking Ship will be passing through Maine, hanging out in Rockland July 22nd-25th. Tours are $12 for adults, and $6 for children.

After that, we move into 4th of July mode. My family had a party out to camp, and my friends brought their little dog Stella, who pretty much kept us all entertained all afternoon. She was swimming, barking, playing, and having an all-around decent time. And I got some sweet video of her walking around on the floaty-mats. Total cuteness overload. Check it out for yourself here.

And last, but not least, we talk about the shark that was spotted off the coast of Boothbay Harbor. Just talking about sharks, in landlocked Bangor, still makes me scared for my very life.

And of course, we have our Facebook comment of the week from Matt Rancourt, who seemingly may enjoy viking stuff almost as much as Sarah. Although, I'm not sure that's possible. But congrats, Matt. You earn this week's bragging rights.

So until next week...Do fun things, stay safe, drink lots of water, and stay cool Bangor. Wicked cool......

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