Hello Laddies and Lassies...It is time once again for Sarah and I to talk silly about very important things.

This week we have a discussion about whether or not Imagine Dragons, despite being one of the first shows of the whole summer, was already the best show to hit the waterfront.....for the whole summer. Sarah has her opinions, and the rest of us are right. Ha!

I got some sweet ink this week too, as part of a fundraiser to fight the scourge that is Lyme Disease. Diversified Ink in Bangor was offering these small, but totally rad, $50 tattoos with a bit of a Lyme-y theme to them. Big shoutout to Kiel Slayton for doing and awesome job on my wee tat.

And....we'll show the June Bug trap we built, that so far has caught ZERO June Bugs. On the other hand, every June Bug we don't catch is one we don't have to eat. So there's that...

Plus.....so much more, as usual.

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