All across the state of Maine, winds have gusting and causing some issues with travel. But no issues may have been more dramatic than what was going on in northern Maine where route 1 in the small town of Westfield looked like a real-life scene ripped from the pages of Stephen King's novel "The Mist".

Shared on Facebook by Michelle MacFarline, the video above shows the strong winds creating a snow mist effect, one that caused white out conditions despite it being a perfectly sunny day. Northern Maine was hit especially hard by snow this winter, and the remnants of their large snow banks could cause visibility problems on roads for several more weeks. MacFarline stated in her post that she was stuck at this intersection on route 1 for nearly 90 minutes because of the sustained winds and undrive-able conditions.

If you've ever seen the movie adaptation of the Stephen King book, when The Mist rolls in across Bridgton, Maine, so do alien beings that being to pick off townspeople in an attack that may or may not have been a coordinated military experiment. Thankfully this wasn't the case in Westfield least as far as we know.

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