No condiments were harmed in the destruction of 75 hot dogs.

Joey Chestnut has done it again, and this time he broke his own record. I went through the entire 4th of July weekend without eating a hot dog, but Joey ate every single one he saw in his path this past Saturday.

The yearly Nathan’s Famous Hot Dot Eating Contest was held over the weekend, minus a crowd of course due to COVID-19 concerns, which must have been odd since it seems like an event where crowd participation would be important. And it was actually held indoors, instead of the iconic Coney Island Nathan’s location. Also, his arch nemesis Matt Stonie was not able to compete this year. He’s been the only person to de-throne Chestnut, when he won back in 2015.

Chestnut ate 75 dogs and buns in just 10 minutes! He won the Mustard Yellow Belt for the 13th time in the last 14 years. All of that rounds out to 21,750 calories, and one would assume, and upset stomach. His victory was so dominant that the second place finisher trailed with 42 total hot dogs eaten. One difference this year, his arch nemesis Matt Stonie was not able to take part in the contest. He has been the only person to de-throne Chestnut's winning streak, when he took the title back in 2015.

On the women’s side, Miki Sudo managed to gobble down 48.5 in 10 minutes. It was her seventh title overall. Both Sudo and Chestnut got a cool $10,00 in prize money for their troubles.

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