We need this here in Maine!

Halloween will not be the same this year, since we have been living in a socially distanced nightmare since the middle of March, so why not make it scarier? A film production company based in Tokyo called "Kowagarasetai" has come up with a way to get freaked out in a very fun way.

All over the world, we have seen a huge comeback of the drive-in. Movies and concerts are just some of the ways it has been utilized this year, but how cool does a drive-in haunted house sound? It all came about as a way to give people a fun experience and be able to stay safe from the Coronavirus at the same time. The best part is that unlike a traditional haunted house, you cannot leave your car for the entire 13 minutes of terror. Good news is you can scream bloody murder as loudly as you want.

So you pull your vehicle into a garage,then the fun begins. Like a scene right out of "The Walking Dead", zombies will attack your car with fake blood, but hillariously they will clean if off for you when they are done. So polite!

It costs about 75 bucks if you bring your own car, and $85 to borrow a car from Kowagarasetai. Kinda pricey, but fun has been a little hard to come by this year, so it seems worth it to get a group together and forget your troubles for a few minutes.

I sense a huge business opportunity here in the Bangor area. Let's make this happen!

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