With a pair of giant yellow feet and beautiful plumage that looks like a tropical sea with blues and the bright yellow of sunshine, the purple gallinule is hundreds of miles from home in Maine.

According to bangordailynews.com, the purple gallinule sighting in Maine is not an isolated sighting.  Another one was captured and taken to a wildlife rehabilitator.

Since two have been seen, there could be many more.

It is suspected a storm over New England may have had some fierce winds that that blew the purple gallinules may have been blown off course and ended up in Maine, according to bangordailynews.com.

Doug Hitchcox, a naturalist at the Maine Audubon, tells the newspaper: “This might be the tip of the iceberg of purple gallinules in the Northeast right now. ... So, the fact that two have been found probably means there’s a lot more around.”

Since they will have a hard time surviving a Maine winter, if you spot one and can get it to a wildlife rehab center you might save the bird and get him/her back to where they belong.

Of course, I am no expert on how you catch a bird, but one has been caught so I have hope.  I would imagine they are very hungry and cold and may be easier to catch.  They live in southern Florida and the Caribbean along with Mexico and Central America.

Let’s hope we can find a few of these beautiful birds and get them back to warmer climates.

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