Food!  We can't stop thinking about where to eat this weekend!

Lately, we've talked on air about the Top Ten Best Bangor Restaurants!  Then, we narrowed it down to what is possibly our favorite type of food, The Top Five Best Bangor Mexican Restaurants!

Meanwhile, this weekend we have a hunger like no other for Chinese!  So, it's back to our source,, to find out what The Top Five Chinese Restaurants in Bangor are!

Once again we sorted by the rankings of users.  Here's what we came up with.  Do you agree?

  1. Chopsticks - 167 Center Street
  2. Happy China Buffet - 753 Stillwater Avenue
  3. Panda Garden - 123 Franklin Street
  4. The Green Tea Restaurant - 11 Bangor Mall Boulevard
  5. Oriental Jade Restaurant - 320 Bangor Mall Boulevard

Now, just like with our other posts, we’re asking what fabulous Bangor area Chinese Restaurant that the users of TripAdvisor missed.  Let us know below!