Finding new things to incorporate in to my family’s holiday traditions is a favorite past-time of mine. When fall hits, we know we’re going to go apple picking, and carve a pumpkin and bake homemade breads and soups.

We know that at some point we’re going to watch "Hocus Pocus," drink apple cider and rake leaves. And after tonight, I am happy to report that we now have another activity to add to our fall roster of family traditions: Eating ice cream on a freezing cold night, after completing Treworgy’s Night Maze.

Cori Skall

I was really excited to read about it on their website when I was checking on their hours of operation for apple picking. And I knew, based on the description, it had the potential to be quite the exciting adventure for my little crew and the big helpers I’d hopefully rope in to going with me.

The ticket price was reasonable, and included a hayride, treats at each station of the maze and of course, as it is for those who complete the maze during the day, soft-serve ice-cream waits at the very end. They advised you to bring flashlights. I can safely say we will definitely need to pack more of those next year. Things did get kind of tricky, trying to wrangle four kids, 10 and under, in the dark. Unbeknownst to me, my 3-year-old managed to remove her brand new lavender gloves at one point during our time in the maze. She didn’t tell me, however, till we were warming up by the fire-pit on the hillside that she had “dropped them on the ground inside.”  But aside from the gloves, and a tootsie roll that came flying out of a goody-bag after an over exuberant  swing of the arm, those were the only casualties of our Night Maze adventure.

Each stop within the maze was well lit. The hayrides, all decked out in Christmas lights, ran every 5 minutes or so, so if you wanted to hitch a ride to or from the parking/check in area to the maze entrance or to the café on the hillside, you didn’t have to wait long at all. Wandering about the maze in the dark was a real thrill, especially when you could only hear the voices of the people around you, and barely make out shapes in the dim light between the lit stops. The moon, which had recently been full, was quite illuminating, and added to the spookiness and excitement.

It was cold. I’m not going to lie to you. But we had planned for that, with layers and extra hats and gloves (because they always seem to go missing.) And despite it being 30 degrees outside, we all still ate our victory ice-cream at the end. In fact, the remnants of those ice creams are still stuck to the smiling cheeks of my kiddos. So I know we made a fun memory tonight. And I know we’ll definitely be coming back to do the night maze again next year, armed with more flashlights.