It looks like the 2015 Grammy Awards were the perfect day to end the few media-fueled, rumored feuds between Taylor Swift and her contemporaries. And, like, let's be real -- the idea of feuding with Taylor Swift barely computes. But there was that time Kanye West famously interrupted her acceptance speech during the Video Music Awards that might have led to some hurt feelings between the two, there's all that reported 'Bad Blood' (get it?) between her and Katy Perry, and who could forget the times Diplo seemed to have it in for the 'Blank Space' singer?

For the record, the Katy Perry fight hasn't been officially confirmed, Taylor and Kanye were pretty chummy at the Grammy's last night (Feb. 8) and it even looks like things between her and Diplo are totally cool, too.

The music producer took to Instagram to post a photo (which you can check out above) of himself hanging out with Taylor during the Grammys. And while that's pretty much the only information we have on what went down, it might just be proof enough that there's no feud left to speak of -- if there ever even was one to begin with. What do you guys think? Are Taylor and Diplo buddies now? Was that feud ever really a thing to begin with? Let us know!

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