Many people say walking your dog should be a law, and not just every day, but half of people think that tying up a dog for over an hour should also be illegal.

This is from a survey, not from Augusta, so no one necessarily has to worry. Yet. Paw and Order, not Law and Order.

Pet Product review site My Pet Needs That conducted the survey, which found 43% of Mainers think there should be a state law which enforces dog owners to walk them every day, at least once a day, in order to ensure they receive enough exercise.  So if I may, that has to depend on where you and your dog live.

Fortunately lots of dog owners live away from a town and on some property where they can wonder as they please and get plenty of exercise should they desire a walk to ‘inspect the grounds’, you know, do some sniffing and leave a scent. Or even to run.  Same survey says the punishment should be that if your dog does not get the daily walk, you should receive a life ban from owning pets. Harsh, but dogs should get exercise and eat a proper diet. Much like humans should, but many, if not most, do not.

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Aimee Huotari

One of the joys about living in the state of Maine is those walks in the wild with the dog. And it would be a toss up to determine who enjoys it more: the dog or you. Here’s to both.

Scott Miller/Townsquare Media Bangor

We are on the way right now.

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