The town of Millinocket seems to think they may have no other choice. The code enforcement office feels they may have to take some kind of action soon if people don't start taking care of their property, according to FOX-22.

There's currently an ordinance on their books that says weeds and grass cannot be in excess of 10 inches tall. For my money, that's pretty forgiving. When grass is growing at its fastest, it would probably take a couple weeks to get that tall. So if it's just flat-out being lazy, you're all good! Lazy up!

But Millinocket Code Enforcement Officer Richard Angotti says it's getting a bit out of hand. It makes him feel like people don't care about the town they live in, or have as much civic pride. It became enough of an issue, that he printed a letter in a couple of local newspapers, letting people know of the ordinance, and that something may have to be done.

Naturally, some residents feel the town has bigger fish to fry, like drug dealers, and drunk drivers, etc. But others also feel like people are caring less about where they live, which leaves some folks feeling a bit sad.

They also mentioned that many folks are in violation of how many unregistered vehicles can be parked in a yard. The limit is one. Angotti understands why people get mad, but it's his job to take care of these things.

I have to follow the code, that's what I was given, that's what the council hired me for, the manager hired me for, was to uphold the code for the town of Millinocket.

Right now, there's still some time left for residents to get compliant. But soon, the town may have to start enforcing some of its laws. And I, for one, am sure it will not happen quietly.

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